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Our Health Guarantee

We pride ourselves in breeding and caring for our Westies, with health among our highest concerns! Over several years of refining our bloodlines, we have selectively bred only the healthiest and happiest of Westies! Many of our adoptive families are returning customers, which can attest to our high integrity as a breeder, and you are welcome to reach out to them! Our puppies are checked for hernias, tooth/jaw correctness, eye problems, joint problems, and other common issues that can be observed in a small puppy around 6 to 7 weeks of age. All puppies are de-wormed multiple times and receive all standard puppy vaccinations to date while in our care. You will receive a copy of all the puppy's medical records before delivery!


We are committed to transparency, so if we become aware of any health issues in your puppy before delivery, we will openly disclose them as soon as possible. However, given our thorough selective breeding program and knowledge of our pets' health, we have full confidence that our pets and their puppies are completely free of any health or genetic issues!

Short-Term Health Guarantee: Buyers have 72 hours (unless otherwise agreed upon) from the time of exchange/delivery to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian (at the buyer's expense). If a puppy is determined to have an unacceptable health problem by the buyer's veterinarian in that time frame that will significantly affect its quality of life (not including common illnesses/conditions such as colds, viruses, retained testicles, etc.), subject to confirmation of accuracy by the seller's veterinarian and professional opinion, the buyer may return the puppy at the buyer's expense. A refund or a trade for a different puppy of the same gender and price can be arranged.

Long-Term Health Guarantee: Our dogs are all healthy and, to our knowledge, free of any genetic issues. However, if a puppy develops a genetic health problem within one year of its birth that significantly and negatively affects its quality of life (such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, etc.), diagnosed by the buyer's licensed veterinarian, subject to confirmation of accuracy by the seller's veterinarian and professional opinion, we want to resolve the issue with you. If the condition is confirmed to be genetic, we may be able to offer to trade a different puppy of the same gender and price. In this situation, the buyer will pay all travel and veterinary costs.

Lifetime Support Guarantee: We are committed to being a valuable resource for you throughout your puppy's life! Whether you have questions about your Westie's health, behavior, training, or any other aspect of their well-being, we're here to help! Our lifetime support means you can reach out to us at any time for guidance, advice, or assistance. We believe in nurturing a lasting relationship and ensuring that both you and your beloved Westie enjoy a happy and healthy life together.

Terms, Conditions, & Other Guarantees:


Any guarantees made by the seller are considered minimum requirements of the seller.

All dogs bred and sold are represented and evaluated as accurately as possible at the time of sale.


All dogs bred and sold are checked by a veterinarian around 6-7 weeks of age to ensure that they are sound and in good health.  

All dogs bred and sold are intended as pets only for their new families. Breeding or showing rights are not granted before, during, or after delivery.

All dogs sold are required to be spayed/neutered by the appropriate age, and failure to do so may void some or all of the guarantees provided by the seller in this document.

Any medicating or care the buyer provides the puppy will be at the buyer's expense. If any veterinarian bill reimbursement is deemed necessary, the maximum amount will not exceed the cost of the equivalent treatment by the breeder's veterinarian.

Puppies will not be microchipped at the time of delivery, and doing so is not a requirement of the buyer after delivery. However, we strongly recommend that buyers do so in a timeframe recommended by their veterinarian. 

Buyers assume all responsibility for continuing their puppy's health regimen based on health records provided by the seller. Until this series of inoculations has been completed at about 16 weeks of age, the puppy should not be exposed to premises known to be or suspected of being contaminated or exposed to unhealthy animals of any sort. Please consult your veterinarian for the recommended healthcare regimen for your geographic location.

Buyers are required to review the provided Welcome Page link that can be found in your final invoice email! As part of our commitment to your puppy's well-being, we provide these educational resources to help you understand the specific needs of your new family member! This includes guidance on grooming, dietary requirements, training tips, and much more!

Buyers are required to be aware of and comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to pet ownership at their location.

The buyer is aware that deposits are non-refundable.

Buyer agrees that the full balance due must be paid no later than the day the puppy turns 9 weeks old. If a buyer decides to back out after the puppy is 9 weeks old, no refund will be provided.

Refunds/exchanges are only given for puppies determined to have an unsoundness/unhealthiness that will significantly affect a puppy's quality of life that was not preventable, subject to confirmation of accuracy by the seller's veterinarian and professional opinion. Injuries received or preventable illnesses occurring in dogs after leaving the seller do not apply to this guarantee.


Seller reserves the right to refuse services, exchanges, or refunds to any buyer or potential buyer who is hostile or unreasonable at any time during buyer-seller interactions.

By completing the final delivery payment, the buyer agrees to the terms, conditions, and guarantees of this document.


The seller's and seller's associates' liability is expressly limited to the terms and conditions detailed within this comprehensive health guarantee. The parties involved, including any associates of the seller, recognize and agree that any responsibility or obligation of the seller or its associates is confined to the specific provisions contained herein. It is important to note that the seller or its associates shall not be held accountable or liable for any damages, expenses, or costs incurred by the buyer, whether direct or consequential, that extend beyond the clear and explicit terms and guarantees listed in this agreement. This limitation of liability is fundamental to the understanding between the buyer and seller, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the agreed-upon terms for the protection and benefit of all parties involved.

The information, guidance, and recommendations offered by the breeder are provided solely for informational purposes and should not be considered as legal or veterinary advice. It is crucial for buyers to consult with qualified professionals, such as licensed veterinarians or legal experts, for specific legal, veterinary, or medical concerns related to their puppy. Any reliance on the information provided by the breeder is at the buyer's discretion and should not substitute professional consultation.

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