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Interested in a TWA Westie?


About Us

The West Acres is located on a beautiful 220-acre, riverside estate in the heart of northwest Missouri. We have been fortunate enough to call this land home since the spring of 1988.


Along with the occasional roaming puppy, The West Acres is home to a small flock of Dorset-Suffolk sheep, a single horse, rolling cropland & native grass, and numerous species of wildlife, including whitetail deer, red fox, cottontail rabbit, & bobwhite quail. 


As hard as it is to see a puppy leave, it is always comforting to see him or her in a good home, bringing their unique charm to their new family. We would love the opportunity to share the happiness found in these little bundles of joy with you, as they have brought more into our lives at The West Acres than we could ever have imagined.


Please let us know if you have any questions or comments at all!


- The West Acres Family The West Acres | West Highland White Terriers

Original De-Noise 50%
Original De-Noise 50%

"Finlay is an absolute blessing! She is smart, loving, tenacious and everything else I love about Westies. A big part of my summer is spent at the lake and she has taken to the water like a fish. I had to buy her a life jacket for the boats as she wants to jump off right along with the humans and big dogs. She is incredibly social. Unlike my last Westie, who was sweet but shy, Finlay is constantly on a mission for new friends. She loves animals, children, men, women, old, young, anyone that will pay attention and offer an ear scratch."

Carin, Minneapolis, MN

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